"We have had the best weekend we have ever had financially. It was really brilliant."

Jonathon White

Old Stables Coffee Shop

"A very enjoyable magical evening for all ages"

Enchanted Parks Visitor

"We have really enjoyed it. It is really special to see the buildings in this way, and something completely different. Its great for Wolverhampton to do something like this"

Mrs Hale

"Absolutely breathtaking. A magical experience for my grandson"

Enchanted Parks Visitor

Our Work

The Enchanted events are spectacular large scale - visual projections, dramatic lighting, artworks, street theatre and live music performances. These events have attracted diverse audiences of many thousands, made up of families, young people and visitors.

About Us

We believe in bringing to life in new ways; the places people love.

We believe in bringing to life in new ways; the places people love. The Enchanted Cities, Towns and Parks creators Magnetic Events and Projection Studio have developed this successful event concept as an attractive public event. By bringing together contemporary culture, arts and heritage into a special event for local audiences and destination visitors, encouraging a business and leisure spend including overnight accommodation bookings.

The creative team transform the everyday into the extraordinary, animate buildings and places with moving images and telling their stories, transforming public spaces with innovative engaging cultural events that attract large audiences to share experiences that will remain memorable over a lifetime.


We ….
Create special events and festivals with artists, creative’s, that engage local people and organisations.

Relish in the opportunity to create cultural and arts events that meet and exceed the expectations of local communities and visitors.

Create a high quality arts experience that has a positive impact on the local economy every time.

Produce cultural events that develop and contribute to a quality of life, a sense of place & identity; community cohesion and social inclusion.

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Robin Morley

Artistic Director, Magnetic Events

Office: + 44 (0)1273 530 051

Mobile: + 44 (0)7770 755 522

Ross Ashton

Artistic Director, Projection Studio

Office: + 44 (0)20 8293 4270

Mobile: + 44 (0)7703 262 404

Enchanted Towns

The Enchanted Town is a creative concept uniting creativity, local culture and history, live performances, music, street theatre, digital arts and cutting edge technology in a fun, open and accessible presentation

In June 2013 an Enchanted Town event took place in Horncastle, Lincolnshire to wide acclaim in a celebration of this famous market town’s heritage and culture including the poems of Alfred Tennyson and life of explorer and botanist Joseph Banks. Many local community arts groups and town centre business took part. An audience of more than 4,000 attended the event, equivalent to the entire town’s population. The event was presented as part of the SO Festival 2013 programme by East Lindsey District Council.

Enchanted Cities

Enchanted City is a city of magical illuminations, large-scale projections, fireworks, fire sculptures, lighting, film, live music and performances spread across the cities centre.

The Wolverhampton’s – ‘Into the light’ – Enchanted City provided a unique opportunity for the city to celebrate its heritage and contemporary culture. The festival ran over two weekend nights in October 2013 from dusk until 10pm. An 8,000 audience of families and young people visited the event.

  • 'Brilliant, we need more of this type of cultural events in the city. Congrats to all involved!' James Clarke

Enchanted Parks

Enchanted Parks was developed and produced by Magnetic Events for six years working in partnership with Gateshead Council and NewcastleGateshead Initiative, who presented this annual event as part of the cities Winter Festival. In 2012 over 20,000 visitors bought entry tickets to see the Enchanted Parks programme over five December evenings. It snowed on the opening night, transforming the park into a winter wonderland.

  • ‘Awe inspiring event. World class – one of the best I’ve ever experienced’

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